Artists are pussies.

WWOH was shot back to back with Posters in five blindingly hot days in New York City with Mark producing, directing and filming on a very basic video camera, set completely to auto. Mark wore super short running shorts throughout, zipping around Manhattan and feeling quite the cool New Yorker until someone wound down their window down and shouted ‘chicken legs!’ Will Oldham (or is it?) was played by Turner Cody ( and the video also features cameos from Jeff’s Mom, artist Biff Rose and the late great Tuli Kupferberg of legendary NYC band The Fugs. Tuli was already unwell at the time of filming so Jeff and Mark went to his loft to shoot the cameo, Tuli giving Mark a signed copy of his book Teach Yourself Fucking. (Rock ‘n’ Roll Anecdote.) WWOH received heavy late night MTV2 rotation and was seen, late at night, by J Mascis and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields (Rock ‘n’ Roll Anecdote 2) – J’s management later contacting Mark, eventually leading to the Over It video for Dinosaur Jr. Despite the harrowing nature of the train track scene, Jeff got the giggles. And boy has Jeff got some giggles. Check them out here. WWOH is Jeff’s most viewed video on YouTube.

‘I just fell in love with it’ David Mogendorff, MTV