• Little Mashers

    Our friends Claire and Andrew at Little Mashers make super unique clothing for kids and babies that capture the fun spirit of childhood. Each collection exclusively designed and hand screen printed in their home shed/studio and tested to make sure they are durable enough to survive the test of numerous washes and lots of play. Check out their hugely popular 'Chalk & Tees' (a t-shirt and a chalk board in one) and the full 2013 range on their website. You can also Like their Facebook page here.
  • Middle Aged Shred

    "Tired of going to work, doing the washing up and shouting at the kids? Find the golf course shit boring? Had enough of being a fat old couch potato? Do you remember the heady days of the 70s or 80s? Still have a fondness for Kryptonics, Road Riders, Trackers & Fibreflexes? Still thinking about packing up and moving to Dog Town? Then this is the website for you!"

    Yeah not a whole lot of cool stuff that is it? More coming soon!