• Tomorrow's Chip Paper...

    crustevenstandardforsireFINALPromo News have done a lovely piece on Misty's Aggression here.
    Lots of new stuff floating around but here's some Older Press while we get our shit together:
    Promo News on Athlete Black Swan Song here.
    Pitchfork on Dinosaur Jr Over It here.
    Promo News on Dinosaur Jr Over It here.
    Indie Ear on Dinosaur Jr Over It here.
    NEXT button's up the top in this section.

  • More Chip Paper...

    lockestock018FINALLLLLPromo News on Misty's Between and Time Back here.
    Mark in The Big Picture here.
    Mark in The Boston Globe (and called Mark Fort!) here.
    The late great Ken Russell who loved Crust, mentioning it in The Times here. But you might have to log in or something.
    The Times call for a UK release of Crust here. Again you have to log in. WTF?
    Crust inspires tribute films here. (Ditto.) Lots more press around so we'll have a hunt for the links when we've got a sec.