bensontitscover019Tits was filmed in one chaotic night in some woods in Hastings, filming from dusk til dawn (the guitar solo shot last, as the sun was creeping up) and trying to summon up the spirit of The Evil Dead, Deliverance and The Benny Hill Show. Mark remembers the shoot as being ‘more or less total chaos’: “The generator ran out of petrol and we had to siphon it off cars, the band were pissed, the actors were pissed, there was hardly any crew… And then the lights blew too and we were literally just down to one light which wasn’t even a film light, it was a work light. Like the kind you use for fixing cars in the dark”. Some Behind The Scenes footage was thought lost but it’s recently been unearthed and a little Making Of clip will be up soonish, along with a new Director’s Cut of the video. The Benson went through a label/line-up change shortly after and Tits was never officially released as a single, but above is the never-seen concept artwork for the never-to-be front cover. You probably spotted that already though, right?