Mark now regretted saying blue rinses are shit.

I Can’t Bring The Time Back was shot back to back with Between Me And You and features 81 year old vicar Arthur Wilson in the lead role. It was a challenging video to make and almost didn’t happen at various points along the way, due to the logistics of getting a group of septuagenarians and octogenerians (dictionary!) to learn and perform the routine. Time Back premiered at the NFT as part of BUG, and in the surrounding press Arthur got his picture in Music Week, next to (ironically) Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand. Man Of The Cloth Arthur was not a natural dancer (not even God couldn’t help him there, only editing could) and if you want to ruin the magic there’s some little-seen outtakes here. Also a sweet and lo-fi bit of Behind The Scenes video here. During the graveyard scene armed police were called as local residents saw a man ‘blacking up his face’ (Erotic Volvo getting ready) and ‘people with huge crossbow arrows’ (the clock hands). Grandmaster Gareth, Volvo, Mark and Arthur (on a shopmobility scooter) all nearly arrested by some very unfriendly police who shouted, ‘Put whatever you are holding on the floor and put your hands in the air!’ But if they were the crossbow arrows, how big was the crossbow?

‘may well bring a lump to your throat’ Promo News