storypromospicThe Story Of Love was filmed in The Dingles park, apparently a hang out for the young Tolkein. The Cave Kids were all friends and family of the band, the most violent one being Gareth’s nephew, Theo. In fact the whole video was a family affair, the conductor is Colin Baines, Dad of Lucy, Hannah and Tom from Misty’s, Mark’s Stepdad Terry was key grip (etc) and Mark’s Mom washed dog shit off the costumes. She also loaned Gareth her white jogging bottoms again. The meteorite was built by the band, mostly from bendy tent poles and papier mache. There’s an outtake of Erotic Volvo as the head dinosaur (that’s a dinosaur suit, not an alligator suit) accidentally nutting the camera here. And there’s some fuzzy Behind The Scenes footage here. Gluttons for punishment, the guys went straight from filming The Story Of Love all day to filming the castle scene from Night Time Better Than The Daytime on the night. Not cos night time was better than the daytime, but cos they needed to make the most of the equipment hire. Story got quite a lot of play on MTV2, in the daytime.