‘Chicken legs!’

Posters was shot back to back with WWOH in five blindingly hot days in New York City with Mark producing, directing and filming on a very basic video camera, set completely to auto.
Mark wore short running shorts throughout, zipping around Manhattan and feeling quite the cool New Yorker until someone wound down their window down and shouted ‘chicken legs!’ There’s not really any coming back from that.
Mark, Jeff and Jack were almost arrested for fly posting by some very unfriendly NYC police, until the guys managed to convince them that the posters over an entire car were held up with water, not wheat paste. The dog in the video was called Moxie and he wasn’t Mark’s idea – Mark never has dog ideas cos he’s allergic – but Mark asked the question, ‘what is the most unlikely thing we could poster?’ and someone said ‘a dog’. He sadly died recently, as did Ambrose from the Misty’s Night Time video, but he had a good life.
We’re not sure who the Guy In Audience was (let us know if you’re out there!) but the Girl In Audience was Anna Miles, singer-songwriter with UK band Maple Leaves. The Bored Barperson was played by Thelma Blitz, who makes baby booties, crocheted bikinis and eccentric sunglasses and sells them here. With barely any crew there were no production photos taken during WWOH or Posters except this one above, taken by Thelma. So check out those fucking chicken legs.