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(Photo: Steve Crandall)

Over It was filmed on tour with Dinosaur Jr through various Florida cities. Mark shot second camera as well as directing and on main camera was lucky enough to bag the amazing Mike Manzoori, a film-maker and skater who shoots from moving skateboards whilst not totally looking where he’s going, but somehow never crashing. J Mascis wasn’t all that keen to do Over It at first, saying he’d rather have his ‘teeth drilled without novocaine’ than make the video, but after a couple of days the shoot actually proved a welcome respite from the monotony of touring. Skate legend Kyle Leeper doubled for J (who can actually skate some himself and did the ‘daffy’ trick – riding two boards at one time – in the video) and FBM riders Kenny Horton and Joel Barnett doubled for Lou and Murph. (Ironically Joel Barnett needing to have his head fully shaved for the part.) Over It premiered on Pitchfork and MTV and is heading for two million hits on YouTube. Mark talks about the video on Pitchfork here and there’s an Augusta Chronicle news clip from during filming here. Plus lots of other stuff out there which we’ll add soon.

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