hom19Both of The Missing Link’s cars suffered during the shoot – body parts from the Sunbeam ripped off by traffic cones and the electrics failing on the BMW, but that may be coincidental. At a red carpet premiere Dean Cole (Director) surprised a BBC OB crew by appearing live on the evening news in the pink underpants from the film, pissing off anchorwoman Nina Nanar. The pants were Mark’s and he would like to point out that he no longer wears ‘brief-style underwear’. The Missing Link screened at the NFT as part of the London Film Festival and was banned from the same festival’s video wall at Selfridges, following complaints of ‘in-house porn’ from a family of four. The film also made the BAFTA shortlist (how the hell is that possible?), was a big hit on the film festival circuit and has never been broadcast in full on television. The late great Mike Cooke played the Smug Businessman and loved The Missing Link dearly. During filming the crew all drew sketched predictions of what Mike’s winkie would look like when it came out, and Dean Cole won. Mike is much missed and we like to think of him eternally measuring his manhood on a squash court in the sky. The film was played on repeat at his wake on a screen just above the buffet.

‘the best short this year’ Press Office, London Film Festival – ‘while there’s too much arsing around for its own good, it shows a winning style’ What’s On – ‘hilarious, I’m taking it home for my private collection’ Director, Cork Film Festival