Slice work, you monky.

Lube’s original title was Vaseline, but Unilever got word before production and threatened to sue.

Stephen Sambrook (Young Steve) also featured in Eat In, playing The Kid Who Had Too Much Chilli Sauce On His Kebab.

Mark had his scalp sliced with a razor blade for the gruesome head-shaving scene, drinking a bottle of gin to numb the pain: “I saw myself as a ‘method director’, but that didn’t last long cos it fucking killed”. He wasn’t quite brave enough to lose the rest of his hair though, and walked around with a frankly ridiculous tonsure complete with scar for some time.

Mark refused to use the slicing as a cheap way to publicise the film, eventually mentioning it three years later in a Guardian interview, who ran ‘Slice Work’ as the quite cheap headline.

Lube premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival and was bought by Channel 4, who screened it several times over the next five years. Some people loved it, many others thought it was weird or shit.

‘bizarre’ Birmingham Film Festival – ‘delightfully original’ Leeds Film Festival – ‘fun, if a little too determined to be wacky’ Time Out