hey14Hey Man is Mark’s lowest budget video, with the £150 spent on hiring a lens and lights and the rest going on car washes. Basic washes, no wax. The video was shot in an hour or so without permission, with the car wash out of sight of the garage and different band members going in to pay. The bus was actually a dilapidated, untaxed and enormous scout bus that would only just fit in the car wash if driven in perfecty straight. But one time it wasn’t, and all manner of chaos ensued. See a bit of that here. ‘I can’t see nuthin.’ ‘We need to do a runner.’ Almost knackering the car wash wasn’t the only drama, cos the car wash closed at 9pm and the guys needed one more wash to get enough footage. So Mark had to go in, lie that he was getting married in the morning and beg them to do one last wash. Hey Man was the first Misty’s video to be finished and quickly got picked up by MTV2, making it Misty’s television debut. You can see Mark’s head in the video so check if you can spot it. Actually don’t, cos it’s quite a weird shape.