innocentMark did not completely enjoy directing ‘a kebab and a bottle of pop’. There were many different versions of the Innocent superhero, one with a stick in the top, one with a stick in the bottom, one with a stick in the middle, one with fishing wire, some of them totally empty with the insides painted and some filled with liquid.

The gusts of wind were created by a leaf blower.

It’s relatively easy to make bar of chocolate look buff. It’s not so easy to keep a whole doner kebab upright on a stick.

It’s even less easy to keep a spring roll upright on a stick, with not much inside it on which to get a purchase. Even when partially frozen (the best method) the insides quickly turned to mush, and many spring rolls were wastefully binned as not many people fancied eating them with embedded road grit.

There’s less beansprouts in spring rolls than there used to be. Like more or less none. It’s just peas and stuff.

Another edit of this, as well as a little To Be Continued clip, coming soon.