Vegetable chunk, en route.

To achieve a different look from his role in The Missing Link, ‘strawberry blonde’ Dean Cole had his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes dyed brown. DOP Mark Thompson was covered in plastic for the film’s opening puke shot, but a single vegetable chunk managed to lodge itself between his fingers – making Mark puke a bit too. Eat In was bought by the late Bravo TV, premiering on a Saturday night before Porky’s and screening many times on the channel. It was also a big film festival favourite, winning awards and particularly popular in the States, where they still seem to think that life in the UK is basically a Richard Curtis movie. It also got Mark his first national press in The Guardian. Here’s a couple of reviews, but there’s obviously no greater accolade than being on Bravo before Porky’s:

‘a slice of Britain most Yanks never see, and for good reason’ New York Underground Film Festival ‘Locke’s deftly observed comedy throws up for disquieting inspection the Friday night booze, birds and curry ritual of the young urban male’ Time Out