Fangs for the memories.

The Tokyo guys loved the Ten Benson Tits video and wanted that with bells on, so Mark suggested ‘vampire belles on’. Despite the Transylvanian theme the snow wasn’t actually planned, but arrived for the two nights of filming then disappeared just as quickly. Great news for the video, not so great for the girls who had to crawl along on their hands and knees in it. Some of whom haven’t contacted Mark since. tokyo020But it wasn’t just women in their underwear suffering. Mark, who’s always refused a Director’s Chair, lost feeling in his big toe for two years through squatting in the cold to look at the monitor: “I was just squatting there for two whole nights, on my haunches. Toes bent up and my walking boots cutting off my circulation. That and the cold meant I lost feeling in my toe and I thought it was never coming back. It came back after about two years, but it was a long road which I couldn’t fully feel beneath my feet.” So far this is Mark’s only video to influence the single’s artwork, with a specially comissioned video-inspired sleeve and free pull-out poster which you can still buy on Amazon.