betweenbluescreen1Between Me And You (and I Can’t Bring The Time Back) was made shortly after Mark became a Dad, and we think it shows. Daughter Kiah appearing in the video as the baby. Between was quite a personal story for Mark. He designed a similar rocket as a kid and begged his Dad to make it but he never did, then his Dad died not long after and it definitely wasn’t getting built then. It’s also: “A video about not giving up on your dreams. About keeping on going if things don’t work out, and just thinking of a different angle.” Like we said, fatherhood turned him to mush. First time screen actors Will King and Ella Hall (both 8) played the Kids, and Will’s real-life Mum Susie played the Mother. This is also Mark’s Mom’s favourite video (of course it is) and Mark’s quite fond of it himself, although wishes he could reshoot it: “I just wish the technology we have now was around then. We can make stuff look pretty cinematic now, even on a teeny budget, but that technology was just coming in then so if you had no money video still looked like video.” There’s a sweet and lo-fi bit of Behind The Scenes video which shows how small scale the shoot was (and Mark nearly losing fingers making the rocket) here.